About Protogames

The story of Protogames dates back to the ancient year of 2015 where Simon and Jeppe met each other during a job-interview at the boardgame- and hobby store Dragons Lair in Odense, Denmark. Here Simon was the store manager, and Jeppe was fresh out of high school looking for a job in his sabbatical.

Here the two learned they shared a passion for creating, and they both could see themselves making boardgames for a living sometime in the future. During the work days in Dragons Lair, the pair began imagining what would later become the giant project of making the boardgame Garrison. Years of developing, testing, designing and planning went into making what would become the Protogames you see now.

Together with 3 talented designers, they made the concept of Protogames Publishing and developed a platform, from which to sell and market their boardgames.


Simon Hvilsom Jeppsen

Partner, Finances & Game Development

Jeppe Lindrup Mygh

Partner, Lead Designer & Illustrator

Startup Assistance

Jens Bram
Mathias Kastrup
Max Hansen