cooperative strategy & worker placement boardgame

2-4 hours

1-4 players

  • Worker Placement Combined With Strategy War Gaming
  • 1-4 Player Co-Op Gameplay
  • 10 Different Enemy Nations
  • Unique Experience Every Replay
  • 250+ Gamepieces

Welcome to The Garrison! This is the edge of the known world, and you must defend your homeland from the horrors beyond the gates.

Rebuild the Garrison, strengthen your army and exploit the untamed land, in order to survive in this harsh environment. Make favorable trade agreements with your closest neighbours by ship, and rule the Garrison with absolute authority.

To survive this close to the land beyond what is known, you must make difficult decisions, where a single misstep can mean the difference between the prosperity or ruin your entire nation.

The land beyond what is known is filled with enemy nations and tribes, who all seek to destroy you. Make sure to scout enemy advances before they reach your gates, so you can plan your strategy and repel the invaders, or risk the destruction of the Garrison.

By meticulously collecting resources in the untamed land, you will be able to rebuild the Garrisons infrastructure and military capabilities. Grow your population as time passes, and train better soldiers, but make sure you gather enough food to feed them, or they will revolt and riot against you.  

Carry out your duty, and defend the Garrison at all costs!

In Garrison you play as 1 of 4 unique leaders, and must work together to defend the Garrison against an invading Enemy Nation. These Enemy nations are all different and one is selected at random each game, ensuring many hours of refreshing gameplay. Each Enemy Nation has different traits and abilities as well as unique special troops, which will require you to alter your strategy to gain an advantage over the enemy forces.

During the game, you are required to build and maintain infrastructure in the Garrison, and must fend off against various natural disasters and Ill Fortunes. Each round, 3 Ill Fortune Cards will be drawn which can have many negative effects on your Garrison, unless you can spare enough resources or manpower to help negate this effect. 

By resolving Ill Fortune Cards or completing certain tasks in your Garrison, you will be able to reap the rewards by drawing Good Fortune Cards. These cards can gain you resources, advantages, upgrades, or give you quests to complete for even greater rewards.

To collect the resources needed for your Garrison, you must first reveal the Overgrown resource locations on the board. In these abandoned ruins you will find the likes of long forgotten mines, quarries or healing groves. These resources must be spend on the defences and infrastructure of the Garrison, or traded for more needed resources.

In Garrison we have implemented a simple system for both Gathering and Combat. we call it the Damage Threshold System or DT for short. 

Let’s say you need to gather some wood to build a Barracks and you have sent 2 workers out to collect the wood needed. Each worker grants you a dice to complete a gathering check. In order to complete the check, you must at least roll equal to or more than the DT of they given Resource. 

Lumber has a DT of 3, and you roll 2 and 4 with your 2 dice during the gathering check. For each time you reach the DT with your gathering roll, you gain 1 resource, meaning that in this example, you gain 2 Lumber to take back to the Garrison. For Combat, the system works exactly the same, with the exception that the enemy hits you back.

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